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BELIZE ESTATE CO., LTD., formerly known as BELIZE ESTATE & PRODUCE CO., LTD. was incorporated in 1875 in the United Kingdom.

It was ex-patriate owned until March, 1983, when it was acquired by the Bowen Group owned by Mr. Barry M. Bowen.

Over the years, B.E.C. (as it is widely known) was involved in logging/saw-milling, in harvesting of chicle, and insurance. In the height of the logging season, it employed some 1,000 workers and operated its own sawmill and lumber yard. At one time, the company was the largest land owner in Belize. Over the years various portions of the land were distributed and a large parcel was donated to Programme for Belize, a company involved in land conservation.

Unfortunately, due to high production costs, it has ceased its logging/saw-milling and chicle operations.

B.E.C. are ship brokers for over 70 years, being agents for two major shipping lines. i.e Hapag-Lloyd. In the days of break bulk we employed approximately 90 workers per vessel. It presently employs around 60 casual workers on containerized cargo vessels.

These lines are members of the CAROL and NSC Group, with services from Europe, Far East, North America, South America, Oceana and the Caribbean. Services provided by our Shipping Dept. include agents for container ships, break bulk services, bulk ships, namely, sugar exported in bulk, tankers, tug services, stevedoring, bunkering and barge rental.

Our Shipping Department is adequately staff with some of the most experiences and aggressive personnel in the Shipping Industry in Belize.

Some of the Lines/Freight Forwarders represented are:

  • Hapag-Lloyd
  • Colombo Marine
  • Salinas Freight Forwarders
  • Air Marine
  • Key International Freight Forwarders
  • Air & Sea Worldwide International
  • Lloyds of London (for the territory of Belize since 1899)

This company is also agents for Ford Motor Co., Kia Motors (vehicles & spares), Johnnie Walker, British Ropes, Edelman, Fel-Pro, Poulan Saws, Lister-Petter, TRW, Wagner, Warsop, to name a few. In 1993 BEC won a sales award from Ford Motor Co. for the highest volume of sales among dealers within the Worldwide Direct Market Operations.

The company has assisted in the development of the county through employment of workers, paying taxes, training personnel etc. and many of the well known mechanics in Belize have been trained by B.E.C. The company has also donated three University scholarships and have been giving high school scholarships since 1981.

  • Services

    Inland Haulage Service

    As a compliment to our Shipping Ocean Service, we offer inland haulage over all of Belize Territory, Door to Port and Port to Door. Our service is fast, reliable, competitive and most importantly our trucks and trailers are fully insured to protect your valuable cargo against damage while under our custody. Please feel free to …


    Container Lines serving Belize weekly from and to Europe, Asia, Africa, Far East, North America, South America, Oceana and the Caribbean. We provide equipment to meet our customer’s needs in both 20′ and 40′ standard, refrigerated, flat rack, ventilated, open top and bulk containers. Other services offered include stevedoring, husbandry, bunkering, and break bulk vessels. …


    With some of the best carriers serving the region, we offer a total of 16 flights into Belize every week, which means that we are certain to offer the right schedule to meet your freight needs.

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    Belize Estate Co., Ltd.
    P.O. BOX 151,
    Phone:(501) 223-1783 / 0641
    Fax:(501) 223-1367